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What To Expect

Among other Japanese restaurants that become more popular in Indonesia, De’ Sushi believes to be the prosperous Japanese Restaurant compete with others.

De’ Sushi was start to open their menu in 2009, and now there are 9 branches that spread in some area in Indonesia. During in their business, De’ Sushi is always concern about quality and services, for by those two things, they believe that the taste become more supported in the market.

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expectbelow expectbelow
  • Delicate Choices

    We also serve ala carte menu such as Ox Tongue Rice, etc.
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  • De'Sushi Blog

    Read along our blog to get a glimpse of sushi history
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  • Many Restaurants

    Our restaurants are spread all over Indonesia
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  • The Journey

    As the time proves its taste, We will become the No. 1 Japanese Restaurant in Indonesia.
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a little about De'Sushi

AMoreover, De’ Sushi is also has a solid team and numbers of professional skill persons that acknowledge the products well and maintain the taste better. Before giving the best taste related the menus, De’ Sushi is always concern about making a research, in case of founding the perfect menu and the perfect demand on market. This is also be done by giving a competitive price, yet affordable by all class of society.


Jl. Hertasning 88D
0411 - 885.355

Jl. Pattimura 23
0411 - 362.5308


Jl. Kaliurang V/CT III/5
0274 - 556.551


Jl. Kawi No. 31
024 - 8414285